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Launched in 2018

It counts down to anything and everything. Gaining popularity through promoting the latest TV shows, movies and game releases it's grown to become one of the most well recognised countdown websites.

Visitors can create free member accounts which allows them to keep track of countdowns by adding them to their 'wall'. As a member they also have the ability to create their own private countdown to anything (such as birthday, event etc) or suggest public countdowns for us to confirm. They can also suggest edits to existing countdowns.



33% of users are from the USA, the remaining 67% of the traffic is made up from different countries all over the world.



The majority of users are aged 18-24,  followed closely by ages 25-30.  



66% of our audience are male.


Organic Search

60% of traffic is from Search Engines mainly for TV, Movie and Gaming countdowns. 

How we drive visits to this site

We rank naturally very well in Google for all kinds of countdowns, but we also drive traffic to theis website through the channels below.


We drive traffic to YourCountdown.To via the Facebook page. The most popular countdowns are automatically posted daily when they reach a certain milestone in terms of days left to go.  We also manually post video countdowns for high profile countdowns. From time to time we'll advertise countdown related products on this page such as movie memoribilia, console stock alerts etc.

The Facebook Page currently has 1.7M likes and 1.7M followers. The majority of followers are women age 25-34, followed closely by women aged 18-24.  27% are from the USA with the remaining followers from all over the world.


We have a Twitter presence which replicates the auto generated posts that are posted to Facebook advertising the most popular milestones for countdowns.


We currently have 2200 followers, these are mostly males ages 18-24, followed by males aged 25-34. 16% of followers are from the USA, others are from UK, Iran, India and Iraq. We post the same content to this channel  as we do to Twitter.

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