Your Christmas Countdown

A fun and unique way to count down to Christmas

 Originally launched in 2009

This website shows how many days there are until Christmas and enables the user to personalise thier own countdown and share with friends. 

The website has a Christmas Gifts page and has lists of the top Christmas 10s.



52% of our users are from the USA the remaining 48% are worldwide.



This website has a broad range of users from ages 25-54 being the most popular.



Nearly 80% of the users are female


Organic Search

33% of users are from organic searches. 30% are direct and 30% are social.

How we drive traffic to the site


We drive traffic to by the facebook page. 

Daily posts and videos counting down the days until Christmas. 

We currently have 2.2M Likes and 2.5M followers. The majority are woman aged 18-54. 30% are from the US and the remaining users are from all over the world.


The twitter page has 132K followers. Days to Christmas are posted daily. 


The instagram currently has 68K followers and is growing. Days until Christmas are posted regulary. The majority of followers are woman aged 35-54 years. Followers are worldwide.

There is a header titled Countdown to Christmas on the Navigation bar. This generates a lot of traffic to the website especailly around Christmas time.

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