Seek Gifts

A gift search engine of our carefully picked advertisers

Re-launched in 2022

Seek Gifts was relaunced in 2022 having been previously built around 2010. 

We work with a group of handpicked brands incorporating all the latest products into a unique gift finder website.

No matter what your interests are, from bumblebee, watermelons or gardening. This gift finder will find something unique. Products are arranged in order of popularity by default meaning it's most likely to show something of interest at the top of search results no matter what niche is searched.




68% of visitors are based in the UK. We promote many UK specific products on social media and restrict to location.



The website has a broad age range of users due to the diverse range of products for all ages and interests.



We have a slightly higher percentage of female users to this website suggesting they're more likely to engage with the products we advertise on social media.


Organic Search

How we drive visits to this site

Your Christmas Countdown - Social Media

With over 2.4M Likes across all Your Christmas Countdown Social Media Pages this is a great page to generate traffic to Christmas Products.

YourCountdown.To - Social Media

With over 1.7M Likes across YourCountdown.To social media Pages this is a great page to promote any products that are TV, Movie or Gaming related.

Mad About - Social Media

We currently have the following social media pages -

Made About Harry Potter, Mad About Unicorns, Mad About Mermaids, Mad About Weddings, Made About Gin and Mad About Disney.

These pages are great to get instant exposure to people liking certain relevant products. 

YourCountdown.To Website

On YourCountdown.To we have recently integrated Seek Gifts products where relevant. This allows us to promote related gifts and memoribilia.

For example, on the 'Stranger Things' countdown there is now a list of 'Stranger Things Products' as picture above.

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