Birthday Buddies

A fun and engaging application that we cross-promote across our websites

Launched in 2018

Meet 'Birthday Buddies'. It's a fun entertainment website powered by Wikipedia with the primary reason for visit being to see who you share a birthday with. You can eaily see a list of famous people born on any day of the year. Other functionality include being able to see a list of celebrities based on age, profession, gender and more.

Users have the ability to suggest people for the website (so long as they are high profile enough to have a Wikipedia entry). 



40% of traffic comes from the USA, the remaining traffic is worlwide.



The majority of users are aged 18-24, followed closely by users aged 25-34.



61% of users are female.


Organic Search

75% of traffic is from Search Engines

How we drive traffic to the site

On our popular Christmas Countdown website there is a navigation item 'Xmas Birthdays' which shows all celebrities born Christmas Day, Christmas Eve & Boxing Day. These profiles are powered by Birthday Buddies and link through to the website.


We feature profiles of TV & movie stars beneath popular rleated countdowns. This drives traffic through to the Birthday Buddies website from a range of pages.

They are also posted to the YourCountdown.To facebook page.

Our website counts down to a babies due date and features lots of information about the different stages of pregnancy on the countdown page.  There is a section titled 'Your baby could share a birthday with' which shows the top famous people from Birthday Buddies and links through to them accordingly.

Facebook Page

The Facebook page is new and growing. We're promoting it overtime by sharing on our other facebook pages. 

Your Christmas Countdown, YourCountdown.To, Mad About Harry Potter, Seek Gifts, Mad About Disney to name a few.


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